Now also copper FIB Beertanks


As well as the various stainless steel models, the FIB Tank Beer range has been enhanced to include a full copper casing. The characteristic curved handle for operating the manhole, or hatch, also typifies this FIB beer tank. There are now more than 21,000 installed throughout the world.


The sleek robotic welding, normally seen on FIB beer tanks, has been omitted this time. The external tank is assembled; cylinder, top and base form a near seamless whole. In order to prevent the copper from oxidising, an almost invisible paint is applied. The protection is comparable to that of car paint. Able to withstand changing temperatures and for heavy duty use.


In short, a tank for adding something extra to the interior of a café or bar and encourages beer consumption.


tank beer copper fib beer systems


tank beer copper fib beer systems


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