Installation and delivery

Tank beer system

The FIB Beer Systems tank beer system is a total concept. A system comprises a minimum of two beer tanks, a cooling system, an air compressor and pipes to the tap. The temperature and the quality of the beer remain constant.


The beer delivery vehicles (also an FIB Beer System product) deliver the cold beer. Right away the system is ready to supply delicious, chilled beer.


Kelderbier installatie FIB Beer Systems


The liner in the beer tank  

No CO2 is required with tank beer. The beer is stored in so-called “liners”, a bag-in-tank system. Fully separated from oxygen. The air compressor pumps the beer from the tank to the tap. This is environmentally-friendly, cost-saving and prevents unsafe situations. All kinds of liners and matching angled fittings/connectors are possible.




FIB Beer Systems delivers tank beer systems with its own transport. A tank beer system can be installed within a week. Our technicians only leave once the first cold beer has been dispensed.

Together with our international partners we supply tank beer systems all over the world. With more than 20,000 beer tanks installed all over the world, you can find FIB Beer Systems everywhere.


Service and maintenance

FIB Beer Systems has a team of installation and maintenance engineers.

Our service division is available 24/7 on +31(0)58 2 945 945.


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