Event Beer tanks

Event beer tanks

FIB Beer Systems has considerable experience with events equipment, such as a stand-alone event beer tank. The beer tanks are insulated and have a cooling system and air compressor. Connect the tap, plug in and dispense the beer. Plug-and-play! This set-up saves a lot of time and money compared with beer kegs.


Here are the benefits:

·          No need to change kegs (time is money)

·          No pre-chilling or cooling of kegs

·          No pumping loss

·          Space-saving (1x 1,000 litre beer tank = 20 kegs x 50 litres or 50 kegs x 20 litres; lower logistics and operational costs).


Evenementen biertanks FIB Beer Systems Leeuwarden


Event containers or trailers

For larger events, containers or trailers fitted with several beer tanks can be deployed.

We have the right solution for every event.


Evenementencontainers FIB Beer Systems Leeuwarden


Mobile bar 

The beer tank under the mobile bar is filled with cold beer. Plug in on site for fresh cold draught beer directly. The mobile bar can be extended to include an option for special beer. How many taps do you want to install?

mobiele bar fib beer systems