Food and drinks at Eve Tilburg


Occupying a central location in the Tilburg Railway Zone is the historic Polygonale Loods building, where EVE is located. EVE stands for Eten Voor Eten, a portion of the revenue from EVE is donated to the World Food Programme, with the aim of providing at least 100,000 meals annually. As well as wining and dining, EVE provides a host of opportunities for meeting, conferences and special events.


On tap: Swinckels beer, a full-malt Pilsener brewed by Bavaria in Lieshout. Swinckels is brewed using a blend of Cascade hop from the Yakima Valley in the USA and the Polaris hop from Germany's Hallertau region. These hops give Swinckels its unique character, which can be described as slightly spicy and fruity with a delicate bitterness, with a beautiful mild finish. The combination of a unique blend of types of hops, mineral water from its own spring and specially selected barley malt from its own malting plant creates a unique flavour and gives Swinckels its distinctive, complex and refreshing character.


FIB Beer Systems has supplied the vertical insulated tanks. The tanks are installed in view and keep the Swinckels beer in perfect fresh condition.


Reservations at EVE are possible via this link.


Eve tilburg restaurant tank beer


Eve Tilburg restaurant fib beer systems


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