Vertical beertanks delivered to Oudaen in Utrecht


At a time when Utrecht was mainly comprised of wooden houses with thatched roofs, the very wealthy Zoudenbalch family built a fortified stone castle on the Oudegracht around 1280. Just over a century later the tower house, which was a beacon for anyone approaching Utrecht from afar, came into the hands of the Van Houdaen family. This is how the castle acquired its name. Over the centuries the castle has been inhabited by various prominent families who each have put their own stamp on it. The banquet and function rooms and the self-brewed beer of Oudaen are named after these families. For over 30 years, Oudaen has been one of the remarkable places – if not the most remarkable – to eat and drink in Utrecht city centre.


The modern craft brewery of Oudaen contains two magnificent copper vessels containing around 1,000 litres directly connected to the tap. Whether you choose Witbier, Pilsener, Dubbel, Tripel or Bock beer, you too can get to sample the passion of the brewers. The beer sommeliers who are just as passionate will be happy to give you all the info about the beers that are brewed and bottled by Oudaen in the wharf cellar.

Four vertical tanks from FIB Beer Systems adorn the wall behind the tap. Additional storage for the beers on tap. Pilsener, Witbier, Dubbel and Tripel.


For more information or a visit, go to the Oudaen website.


Oudaen utrecht fib beer systems


Oudaen utrecht fib beer systems


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