European measuring instruments guidelines (MID)


FIB operating system and MID

The FIB Beer Systems control system for beer delivery complies with all European directives and has an MD certificate. The combination of flow meter/flow computer complies with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and applies to all operating and measuring systems for liquids and gases.


New European guideline for measuring instruments

Legal metrology in Europe has undergone a number of major changes, including the introduction of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). This new guideline applies to custody transfer metering for liquids and gases and applies to 27 member states in the EU (plus Norway and Switzerland) Read more here. For liquids, such as beer, the MID refers to the system overall (under ‘measuring systems for liquids other than water').


MID transition period and compliance

The transition period for MID compliance is ten years. Meters or measuring systems type-approved by national metrology authorities before 30th October 2006 may be installed or used until 30th October 2016. Are changes carried out after October 2006 to a meter or measuring system that was type-approved by a national metrology authority? If so, these changes may result in an extension of the existing national approval or a new MID approval.


New meters and measuring systems

Meters and liquid systems that were designed after 30th October 2006 must be submitted for type approval under the new MID Directive 2004/22/EC. The inspections that are undergone by these new meters and systems will result in a CE mark with reference to the MID directive. Compliance with this directive is assumed when observing the OIML recommendation OIML R117-1 (measuring systems for liquids other than water).


Meters and measuring systems designed before 30th October 2006

Nationally approved meters and measuring systems installed before 30th October 2006 are not affected by the MID. These meters and systems may be used until the end of their service life and remain subjected to the national legal inspections. Modifications to these meters and measuring systems do not fall within the scope of the MID. Modifications will be re-evaluated by the national metrology authority, resulting in an extension to the existing national approval or having to apply for a new MID certificate.


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