Restaurant Pepe Payá in Spain provided with FIB Tankbier


Vinotapeta Pepe Payá recently opened its doors in Santiago de Compostela's historic centre. Pepe Payá is an ideal spot to relax with friends and family while you enjoy a freshly tapped glass of Estrella beer or a glass of an excellent wine. Pepe Payá's interior is both warm and modern, with a combination of natural stone and wood.


Two FIB Beer Systems vertical 500-litre beertanks installed behind the bar supply fresh cold beer from the brewery to the taps. The tapas are made from fresh ingredients bought in the market square just a few metres away. The beer is excellent in combination with the characteristic Iberian Jamón Salamanca Jabugo.


Pepe Payá Spain FIB Tankbier


Pepe Payá Spain FIB Tankbier


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