FIB Tankbeer number 20.000!


FIB Beer Systems has recently fitted its 20,000th beer tank! A milestone.


Since the end of the Seventies FIB's tankbeer installations have undergone a veritable evolution. From a vertical beer tank with a sprayball to the current design incorporating the transparent inspection cover, the curved arm and the famous inliner. This beer tank has been the trademark of FIB Beer Systems for decades now. FIB Beer Systems has specialised in beer systems and tankbeer installations for more than 30 years; complete system support from the brewery to the glass. The beer concept of FIB Beer Systems complies with the most stringent sanitary and hygiene requirements thanks to the integration of cooling technology and tank storage. Throughout the entire chain the beer is distributed and stored to the highest possible quality standards.


Taveerne Rabenhaupt Groningen FIB Tankbeer


Over the last few years, our range of tanks has expanded including the most popular volumes of 2.5hl, 5hl and 10hl fitted horizontally or vertically and also available in an insulated version.

Tank number 20,000 has in the mean time been fitted at Taveerne Rabenhaupt. A special place. Rabenhaupt is the only pub in Groningen where you can pull your own pint of Heineken beer at the table and can have a bite of tasty chicken! Every day the café is open from 10 am in the morning and alongside a glass of fresh draught Heineken beer, you can also enjoy delicious chicken dishes, roast chicken legs and, of course, chicken fresh from the rotisserie. Only 'Polderhoen' chicken is used. A 100% organic free-range chicken from the Netherlands.


Looking for a nice place to have a friendly chat with your friends, colleagues or family? Then book a pour-your-own beer table at Rabenhaupt and have a look at the 20,000th beer tank installed behind glass.


FIB Beersystems Tankbeer beertanks Groningen


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