FIB Tankbeer now available in Bogotá, Colombia


In the hottest place to be in Bogota, after a short revamp, a spectacular three floor establishment café has opened its doors. With 2500 meters above sea level it is not only the highest café in the world to sell fresh tank beer, but also the first café in South America with visible fresh tank beer supplied by FIB beer Systems.


FIB Beer Systems Colombia Bogota beer


The concept in Bogotá is inspired by the traditional Liverpool pub and offers the best selection of draft beer and bottle in a unique place that combines the solemnity and glitz of culture in the UK.

Located in the most exclusive areas of Bogotá, Zona T and Usaquén, the Pub Brewery is the ideal place to house a colorful and casual audience that wants to enjoy a unique pub with the decor of a typical English industrial factory site; with ornate ceilings, wooden tables, typical objects, all in a unique context with the best care that has always distinguished the group Jonas Cardona.

In the Pub Brewery you can enjoy cold, fresh genuine draft beer served from the cellar. Its flavor, color and texture make it the best beer in the country; certainly a pleasure for the sense.


FIB Beer Systems Colombia Bogota beer


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