More Tankbeer in South-Africa


The first cafés in South Africa that serve tankbeer have proven to be a great success. After the introduction in Cape Town, tankbeer is now also available in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Cafés with interesting names like the “Slag and Lettuce”, “Toad on the Road” and “Hogshead Rock Cottage”, but also “The Baron” and “The Beer Company”, now sell more fresh, draught Castle beer than ever before. The plan is to expand and introduce tank beer to more cities.

A great deal of attention is always given to the introduction and location of tank beer installations. Without exception, the tanks and the pipes are installed in locations where they are in full view of the customers. You cannot miss them. Cheers.


Tankbeer South-Africa fib beer systems


Tankbeer South-Africa fib beer systems


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