Grand Cafe Cornelis - Epe


Before the year 1800, on the same place where Grand Café Cornelis is now, there used to be a small craft-brewery, owned by the Brouwer family. The Brouwers also owned an inn on the other side of the street where town hall meetings were held.


In 1852 Epe gets its own official town hall, designed by architect Bernardus Looman, currently known as Grand Café Cornelis.


Grand cafe Epe The Netherlands FIB Tankbeer


Due to legislation and population growth, a newer and bigger town hall is needed in 1963. The first town hall has a function as a museum, later a music school and finally an office building. Now, in 2015, the old town hall is completely restored in its old grandeur. Modern day facilities combined with original elements, resulted in a monumental, stylish and cosy establishment. The original lay out is recognised in the wooden beamed ceiling. Grand Café Cornelis follows the rhythm of the day - breakfast, lunch or dinner.


FIB Beer Systems and SAB Grolsch Brewery realised this new tank beer project. The beer is stored in two 500 liter copper finished vertical tanks. Clamped in robust iron between ground floor with its Grand Café and the dining room on the first floor. A spectacular view from both floors.


Grand cafe cornelis Epe Tankbeer


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